Trough Dumps Heavy Rain Overnight Across the South East Coast


If you were in the eastern suburbs you may have been woken up early hours of this morning by some heavy rain. The heavy showers developed due to instability caused by a trough extending from South East Queensland into the Northern Territory. Heavy showers first developed in Moreton Bay before slowly moving onshore. Some of the rainfall totals were:

  • Steiglitz Wharf: 168mm
  • Couran Point: 91mm
  • Lawnton: 50mm
  • Murrumba Downs: 54mm
  • Landsborough: 65mm

The falls varied significantly across short distances. Some areas had stationary heavy showers over them for hours while other locations had less rainfall.

Rain in Bramble Bay

Rain in Bramble Bay

Rainfall is continuing in coastal areas this morning.