Severe Storms Produce Major Flash Flooding, Strong Winds in Brisbane


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Widespread storms developed across South East Queensland yesterday afternoon(Wednesday 19/11/2014). Several severe storm cells developed including one which formed near Darlington and moved North North East across the city dumping a huge amount of rain. Another severe storm developed south of Crows Nest and moved through Esk, Kilcoy and onwards to the Sunshine Coast.

Are we in for a repeat of these storms today(Thursday 20/11/2014)?

The cell moving across the Brisbane area dumped torrential rain over a wide area, paralysing Brisbane’s CityTrain network. In 20 minutes from 4:00pm, 50mm fell at Archerfield. In the CBD 40mm fell in a 20 minute period from 4:12pm. At Fortitude Valley streets and the train lines were inundated. Cars in low lying frequently flooded areas of Bowen were covered up to the top of the wheels. In Fortitude Valley train station, several inches of water covered rail lines!

Dark Storm clouds approach Woody Point

Dark Storm clouds approach Woody Point

At Redcliffe just after 5pm wind gusts reached 106km/h and were sustained at greater than 50km/h for nearly 30 minutes! Across northern Brisbane trees were brought down and damage occured. A tree fell over train overhead powerlines at Nundah, halting more rail services!

At Toombul Shopping Centre, rain came through the roof leaving shoppers wading through centimetres of water on the floor. The accumulated precipitation image below from the Brisbane Radar shows the path the heaviest rainfall took through the city.

BOM Accumulated Precipitation Radar Image

BOM Accumulated Precipitation Radar Image

Here are some highlights of yesterdays observations:

  • Brisbane Rainfall to 9am: 56mm
  • Archerfield Rainfall to 9am: 87.8mm
  • Redcliffe Wind Gust of 106km/h, Sustained winds of 80km/h at 5:15pm
  • Cape Moreton Rainfall to 9am: 59mm

What made the storms so strong?

The atmosphere contained significant moisture today, from the ground up to high altitudes. This combined with instability to produce storms with high amounts of precipitation or rainfall. The instability is being produced by an elongated area of lower air pressure in eastern QLD, known as a trough.

Parts of QLD copped it.If only it would rain where it is so needed in QLD. Pic from Jessy Webber : New Farm Park (Belinda)

Posted by John's Weather Channel - JWC on Wednesday, November 19, 2014

WOW!! Currently the cells near Jimboomba in south east Queensland trying to multiple! Hail been reported from this as...

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Roof on tracks at Nundah.

Posted by Queensland Rail on Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Well that was fun!!! But boy oh boy was the Sunset worth drowning for lol pics to follow but need to take care of My camera kit first she is a little wet, but trust Me im pretty sure the pics will be worth the wait 🙂

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Close lightning strike- Kangaroo Point

Posted by Tash Chavez on Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Wow look at that. This picture was taken by Aaron Cahill this afternoon in Sunnybank. Thank you for sharing 🙂

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Thanks to Paul Rutherford for posting this photo.. Some crazy scenes around the CBD and Fortitude Valley after the deluge! This was in the Valley a short time ago.. Hopefully people are faring ok!(Cam)

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Quick photo from Brisbane Airport earlier just before it hit.. (and boy did it HIT!) I've got hi-res photos on the DSLR...

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Storms expected to develop again tomorrow between Brisbane and Rockhampton, and as far inland as Taroom. A few of these...

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