QLD Shivers Through Another Cold Morning


Clear skies often mean a cold night and it was certainly cold last night. Here’s some highlights of this mornings minimum temperature observations:

  • Amberley: -2.7C
  • Applethorpe: -5.2C
  • Brisbane CBD: 4.7C
  • Brisbane Airport: 3.9C
  • Cairns: 12.1C
  • Gatton: -1.2C
  • Kingaroy: -4.2C
  • Prosperpine: 4.6C
  • Townsville: 10.4C
  • Warwick: -4.9C

As you can this cold wintery weather is actually extending way into North QLD! Personally I think I’d take the 16.1 at Hamilton Island! Much more my style. Interestingly though it didn’t get past 19 C there yesterday.

Spare a thought though for the people of Glen Innes last night where it got to a minimum of -9.6 at 1:44am this morning!

A full table of the observations is available here.