Getting Started

This page is all about helping people to learn more about the weather, weather photography and stormchasing. Here’s some links to some of the resources I’ve put together for this:

Learn about Weather

Here’s some of my best articles about weather:

“It was like a mini-tornado” – Learn why there’s no such thing as a mini-tornado. I explain the difference between straight line winds, microbursts, cyclones and tornadoes.

Relative Humidity vs Dew Point – Learn about these two measurements that are used to describe how moist the atmosphere is.

Weather Resources: Skew-T Charts – Learn about sounding charts which show temperature, dew point, wind speed and wind directions at different altitudes.

Learn about Stormchasing and Weather Photography

Here’s some of my best articles about stormchasing and weather photography:

How to Describe Wind Speed Observations Accurately – Learn how to use the Beaufort Scale to accurately describe wind speeds from visual observations.

How do you Take Photographs of Lightning – All about what techniques can be used to take photographs of lightning.

Do I Need a DSLR Camera to Take Good Weather Pictures? – Learn what sort of camera equipment is needed for weather photography.

Photo Nuts and Gear eBook

Weather Resources

Looking to get started? Here’s some useful resources:

Weather iPhone Apps – Here’s my recommended set of iPhone apps for stormchasers and weather enthusiasts.

My Links Page – Here’s my list of links to weather resources and websites from other chasers.