View from Kalbar in the early evening

Saturday Border Ranges Storms

Posted Monday 11th of January 2016

On Saturday 9th of January, 2015, storms developed late in the afternoon on the Border Ranges inland near Warwick and Boonah. These storms didn’t last long but did produce some hail and lightning as they tracked north. One cell ultimately made it as far as Wivenhoe Dam before dissipating.

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Morning Fog on the Ranges as seen from Woody Point AWN Weathercam

Foggy Morning After the Rain

Posted Wednesday 6th of January 2016

Brisbane has awoken to pockets of thick fog in areas thanks to the significant moisture left over from the rain of the last few days. The fog mostly cleared by 7:20am however. Do you have any great fog pictures from today? Share them with us on Twitter or Facebook!

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Panorama taken at Woody Point at 5:52pm by David Findlay

Sunday(27/12/2015) Storms in South East Queensland

Posted Monday 28th of December 2015

Sunday 27/11/2015 brought some spectacular storms to South East Queensland. The morning began with almost complete overcast and some light rain in areas north of Brisbane. The light rain cleared by late morning but the overcast remained. Small showers and storm cells developed in the area of the Lockyer Valley and Border Ranges. These cells…

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Stormy conditions South West of Kalbar

Hail in Stanthorpe, Storms Southern Inland Darling Downs

Updated Thursday 24th of December 2015

Storms formed on the southern Darling Downs and are moved north east on Wednesday 23rd December 2015. One severe cell produced large hail in Stanthorpe and ripped a roof of at Applethorpe. Strawberry crops were ruined in some areas. The major hail storm formed on the southern Downs and moved through Stanthorpe to the Boonah/Beaudesert…

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