About Me

David Findlay

David Findlay, editor of qldstorms.com

I’m a 31 year old storm chaser from Redcliffe Peninsula, just north of Brisbane, Australia.  I used to chase quite a bit but nowadays due to work and other commitments I’ve had to cut back. So most of my chases are just local now. Other than weather, my interests include bushwalking, mountain climbing, flying and masters swimming.

My interest in storms began in my early teenage years, after being scared of storms throughout childhood. After watching some documentaries on storms and of course the movie “Twister” I became interested in chasing and photographing severe storms. My favourite type of weather phenomenon is is lightning. I’ve previously used a Canon A75 3 MP digicam, but now use a Canon EOS 400D.

I’m definitely not an expert meteorologist. I’m just an enthusiastic amateur who’s fascinated by weather. I won’t be providing forecast information, but I will discuss forecasts put out by professionals to help people to understand what they mean and how to use them. I’ll also do my best to explain how weather works.

You can contact me via my personal website at www.davidfindlay.com.au.