Afternoon Storms Dump Widespread Hail


Storms developed this afternoon across the Darling Downs and Lockyer Valley before moving east across the Sunshine Coast, Caboolture, Redcliffe and Brisbane. These storms produced large drifts of small hail as well as heavy rain across a widespread area of South East QLD.

These storms are associated with the East Coast Low of the NSW coast.


After a wet weekend, an East Coast Low brings more rain and storms


Last weekend a cutoff low pressure system brought South East QLD some unseasonably heavy rainfall. Normally August is a pretty dry month, but on Friday and Saturday last week parts of South East QLD received 50-70mm of rain.

Now another low pressure system is lashing the coast, this time a bit further south. An east coast low has produced falls of over 100mm across the last few days in many parts of North Eastern NSW. South East QLD is forecast to get showers and storm today.

Last night some storms cells developed on the Darling Downs and Lockyer Valley. These produced some heavy rain in isolated areas and some great lightning.


Why is the rain going in two different directions on radar?


If you’re watching the Brisbane 128k radar loop this morning you’ll see an interesting phenomena. The rain cells seem to be moving both south east and south west at the same time, as if they’re converging and colliding.

This is caused by different steering winds at different levels pushing rain producing clouds in different directions. This can be clearly seen in today’s sounding image from Brisbane. This comes from a weather balloon that was sent up to record winds, temperature and humidity at different altitudes.

Brisbane 9am Saturday 16th of August Sounding
Brisbane 9am Saturday 16th of August Sounding

The barbs on the right hand side show wind directions at altitudes. From the ground(at the bottom) to the 600mb level, about 15000 feet, winds are from the east to north east. Above that altitude winds are from the north west. The lower 10000 feet of the atmosphere are very moist, and there is some more moisture at around 17000 feet.

These sort of scenarios can produce high amounts of rainfall in a short period of time.  There should be some good totals in South East QLD by the end of today.

Meanwhile western QLD had some great rainfall totals yesterday. Near Charleville we had:

  • Myandetta Alert: 71mm
  • Bakers Bend Alert: 67mm
  • Charleville: 52mm

More totals can be seen here.


Inland QLD Rain Event Update


The inland QLD rain event has continued to develop over the last 24 hours, with the low deepening to 1014hPa while not moving much. Cloud cover has increased across QLD and NSW with a large band now evident.

Satellite Image at 10am Friday
Satellite Image at 10am Friday

The low pressure system is currently located near the border of NSW, QLD and SA. It’s forecast to move south east in the next 24 hours, with the trough extending across eastern NSW and QLD. Weatherzone is forecasting up to 40mm in the South East QLD area. BSCH Raincast shows that the GFS Forecast Model indicates a similar amount of rain, 25-50mm in wide areas across the South East QLD region in the next 72 hours.

BSCH Raincast Map for 72 hours from Friday 10am.
BSCH Raincast Map for 72 hours from Friday 10am

There have been some good falls in Western QLD:

  • Windorah: 27mm
  • Tibooburra(NSW): 32mm
  • Thargomindah: 21mm

The coastal flow of showers coming onshore has produced some great falls in the Sunshine Coast area yesterday too:

  • Maroochydore: 25mm
  • Eudlo Flats Rd: 27mm
  • Woody Point: 8mm

So it’s a good start to this event. You can see it coming on Emerald 512k as a scattered band of rain! Should stat to get wetter in Brisbane tonight.



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