Brisbane Hits 29C Before a Blustery Change


It seemed doubtful we’d reach the promised 29C yesterday. At lunch time in Brisbane it was still only a mild 25C. But the temperature continued to rise in the Northerly winds until it reached exactly 29C at 3pm. It was cooler on the coast at Redcliffe with 27C. Between 3pm and 4pm the wind swung around to the West South West as the cold front from a low in the Tasman Sea swung through.

Cirrostratus clouds producing a halo
Cirrostratus clouds producing a halo on Tuesday Morning
A cold front is a wedge like mass of cooler air that pushes the warmer air ahead of it up. Cold fronts can sometimes produce severe weather and thunderstorms. In this case there were some small weak showers around the Border Ranges and Tweed River area.

Behind the cold front the South-Westerly winds have been quite blustery, with wind gusts hitting up to 41km/h in Brisbane and up to 54km/h at Brisbane Airport. The strongest gust was 72km/h at Cape Moreton at 8:03pm last night. Gusts are still above 40km/h there now at 7am. Winds in Brisbane have moderated this morning.


Welcome to Spring!


It’s spring finally! No more winter!

If you’re in South East QLD you’re likely already feeling the spring warmth coming from northerly winds. They’re still pretty light at the moment, but they’re bring in warm air from northern central Australia across the eastern coast. This is producing warmer than average temperatures.

Later in the week a pre-frontal trough and cold front will move through moving us back to cooler temperatures again. There’s still a bit of cool weather ahead of us, but the worst has passed!


Last Day of Winter!


24C on the Last Day of Winter - Got to Love Brisbane

It’s a stunning day in South East QLD with calm winds and mild temperatures. It’s been a pretty unusual winter for us really, with lots of storms and above average rainfall.

Brisbane had a total of 96mm of rain, which is more than double the usual average of 40mm.

Spring starts tomorrow and only a month till the official start of the storm season!


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